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Our experienced commercial lawyers have got you covered with expert advice, rapid contract review and timely negotiation.

Employment and Performance

Law 365's employment team are the empathetic and diplomatic partner at your side to keep things fair and transparent.

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View our most popular contracts, where we break down legalese, and reveal the FAQs Microsoft Partners are asking us.

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Bespoke solutions for your organisation.


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Identifying the right solution for you

In order to find the best package for you, we look at your company and your people as a whole we help you identify where there maybe gaps that need attention, or opportunities for increased growth.

You may need to spend time looking at how your leadership team is aligned or ways you can support new managers to grow their leadership confidence. Or maybe you’d simply like to understand how work is impacting your team's wellbeing and happiness? 

We're also able to get your employment policies in order so that your people have clarity and autonomy over the choices available to them.

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Finding the right package for you

These are some of the solutions we can help you to embed into your organisation. We will partner with you to design and create solutions that are right for you

Top Teams

Are your leaders aligned? If not, perhaps they need to define common objectives and a shared purpose?

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Free consultation for Microsoft Partners


Just imagine if you had someone dedicated just to you, to give you the time and space to think clearly and find solutions to some of these challenges.

We understand what it’s like to run a fast-growing agile business and we also know how important it is to have someone to be your vehicle of change and thinking partner.

To learn more and speak to our highly qualified and accredited professional coach do get in touch.

We are offering one free session with Louise for a limited time only.