February 9, 2022

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    No, well yes, sort of!  Certain products will only be available on the New Commerce Experience (NCE) platform from March 2022.

    NCP is currently live

    The NCE program is currently live, but until the program becomes mandatory, customers can continue to use the Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) platform. 

    The mandatory manual move is no more

    There was a mandatory manual move from legacy CSP to NCE planned for July 11th 2022.  However, this is no longer being enforced and if you do not manually move your customers from CSP to NCE, then they will auto renew on legacy CSP.


    Microsoft Partners will lose rebates paid on CSP from January 2023.  Plus, if you do not move your customers (and lock them in for a 1 year to 3 year term, then they are fair game for another partner to come and move them to NCE.

    Don't delay

    Move your customers today and also update your contacts with new new NCE terms.  If you don't, then you will risk losing money if the customer cancels early.  

    Law 365 will review your contracts for free, simply email hello@law365 and we will be glad to help.

    Further reading

    See our How will changes to the CSP program impact Microsoft Partners? blog for more details on how you could be impacted, or submit you're own question using the form below.

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